I purchased the domain name back in 1998, shortly after I started my first job as a “web programmer”. I was working for a now-defunct company called Moore Data Management Systems in Minneapolis. The internet boom was just starting to take off and I was trying to ride it’s wave.

I had been developing web pages and perl scripts since 1993. I remember updating HTML to be compliant with Netscape 1.0 in high school. I worked as a contractor converting Word docs to HTML while I was in college. Moore Data was my first professional job. My job was to create HTML templates which rendered real estate data from their custom SQL server. was going to be my sanctuary from the monotony of the corporate world. was many things over the next decade but I mostly settled on using it as my personal blog. As friends joined the internet community I used to be my personal internet hub, linking off to their respective corners of the web. I shared personal stories of growing up and becoming parents on I used my blog to say whatever I needed to sway

With the rise of Facebook and Twitter my personal blog became passé. I used Facebook to share any personal stories and had no need for I used Twitter to talk about technology. Eventually I retired and redirected it to

I’ve long given up Facebook and Twitter, realizing that shouting into an echo chamber doesn’t bring a lot of satisfaction. I’ve decided to restart blogging but this time for myself.

I’ve kept a lot of data and documents over the years, but the content from 1998 - 2010s of seemed to have slipped by me. I was upset that so much of my life had been lost.

I decided to try the Wayback Machine in hopes that it had caught some of’s history. To my surprise the Wayback Machine had lots of my former blog content. It had captured the first page I published in 1999 all the way thru the site going stale in 2010.

I wrote a quick script to download my content from Wayback Machine to preserve it and published the Archives online for posterity’s sake. The archive contains snapshots from 1999 thru 2010. Much of the content is very cringe-worthy but I like to peruse it from time to time. The archives contain so many forgotten memories.

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