Hello there. Let’s get a few basics out of the way:

Name: Jason Motylinski
Profession: Software Engineering
Years of experience: 25
Current Role: VP, Engineering
Previous Roles: Way too many to list. Started as an engineer, moved into leadership and people management about 12 years ago.
Technologies: I’ve been all around the tech stack: backend, frontend, and APIs. I’ve been in the cloud and on-prem. I have built solutions from scratch and I have contributed to mature platforms. My current passion lies in data and AI-powered solutions.
Personal: Partner, 2 kids, 3 dogs. Currently reside just outside of New York City in the New Jersey suburbs.

So why am I deciding to blog now? Somewhere along the way my experience has become helpful to others. I want to share my passion for technology, leadership, and business outside of the day-to-day, where I can take a step back from execution and focus on the principles of engineering and leadership.

You are the lucky one that stumbled across my corner of the internet. I hope you find my ramblings at the least entertaining and at the most helpful.